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The Day-Name of Favourite Things!

BI- company produces letters, figures and different symbols which satisfy the international quality requirements. They can be plane and volumetric, of different colours, dimensions and forms. You can use them in auto tuning, advertisement, in designing a present and decorating your office and so on.
BI-company makes you an offer to become our partners. We would be glad to receive your proposals on cooperation questions. You could contact us at e-mail - info@nakley.ru

BI-company was founded July, 28 2004. The trade mark of the company and production is protected by claim of Rospatent 2004723410 dated 13.10.2004.
The cross of the words The name-day of favourite things devides the symbol into 4 parts and it is a symbolic money flow quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki, a millioner, financier, investor from the USA. In our symbol of Kiyosaky`s quadrant we kept only its right side where:
B means brilliant, best, beautiful, business
I means idea, image, investment
It conforms to our spirit and actions of our cofounders. And we hope that it will conform to the spirit and actions of our future partners.
We could show to the whole world the new fields of its opportunities opened by BI-company thanks to a new holiday, amusement, entertainment The Day-Name of Favourite Things!
This project was started by:
Lopunov Sergei (a son) project father
Lopunov Vyacheslav (a father) a Chief Manager project head
Dereli Natalya a Development Manager project heart
Lyvov Pavel Sales Manager the legs and wheels of the project
Kassirova Natalia Office-manager the hands of the project
And other managers
You can see 8 copies of our letters, figures and symbols, which could be used for designing a name for your favourite thing.
You could look at Favourite things gallery where we placed the images of the favourite things with patterns of BI letters.
Our product is a means of visual individualization (identification) of things, goods, means of transport (further MVIT) by giving a name to it.
MVIT is:
- volumetric letters, figures, different symbols made of polyurethane with gold or silver base;
- plane letters, figures, different symbols made of gold, silver or other foil.
This product has been worked out by BI-company and is its intellectual property.
We live in the world full of great number of things which are very much alike: cameras, mobile phones, bags, briefcases, different folders, cigarette lighters, notebooks, pocket computers, CD and DVD-players, tea-things. Our MVIT serves for individualization and identification of the similar things. Our research shows that most of the people give names to their favourite things. We offer you to buy a set of BI-letters and make your favourite thing only yours.
If you would like to learn more about our company you could write a message to our e-mail info@nakley.ru

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